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Power Generation

EPCOR Generation (Edmonton Power)

Genesee Generating Station
450 mva Generator Transformer, ABB, Guelph, Ontario (SW020)
100 mva coupling transformer, ABB, Guelph, Ontario (EL 020)
Isolated Phase Bus Ducting, CGE, St. Augustine, Quebec (EL 030)
Turbine Gland Steam Super Heater, Caloritech Inc., Oakville, Ontario (ML016)
Reversible Shuttle Coal Conveyer, FMC Canada, Scarborough, Ontario (ML641)
ID Fan Rotors Repair, Joy Technologies, New Philadelphia, Ohio (ML010)
Unit # 2 Generator Rotor Rewind, Alstom Power Inc., Richmond, Virginia
450 mva Stand-By Generator Transformer, ABB, Guelph, Ontario
3 Large Fan Electric Motors, TECO-Westinghouse, Hamilton, Ontario
Super Critical Boiler, GP3 Project, Genesee Unit 3, Babcock & Wilcox Canada, Cambridge, Ontario & Melville, Saskatchewan (client Babcock-Hitachi, K.K.)

Clover Bar Generating Station
Feed Water Heaters # 5 & 6, Foster Wheeler Canada, St. Catharines, Ontario (CL201)

ATCO Electric (Alberta Power)

Sheerness Generating Station, Unit # 2
Lattice Steel Communication Towers, Advanced Towers, Elmira , Ontario
Un interruptible Power Supplies, Saab Knife Corporation, Scarborough, Ontario BR88/01
Control Cables, Shawflex Inc., Rexdale Ontario ET1901
Turbine Generator Excitation System, Westinghouse Canada Inc., Mount Forest, Ontario ML010
Boiler Feed, Main and Stand-By Pumps, Ingersoll, Rand, Cambridge, Ontario ML080.4
Generator & Booster Fans, Combustion Engineering, Ottawa, Ontario ML070
Steam Generator, Combustion Engineering, Cornwall, Ontario ML 070
Pulverizer Fan Motors, Reliance Electric, Stratford, Ontario SH061
Triple Arch Expansion Joints, Garlock of Canada, Toronto Ontario ML95-011
High Pressure Control Valves, Yarway Corporation, Blue Bell, PA. ML010
Pressure Relief Valves, Dersser Canada, Burlington, Ontario, ML 070
72" Butterfly Valves, Joy Technologies, Kitchener, Ontario
Boiler Water Heaters, Coolers and De-aerators, Foster Wheeler Ltd., St. Catharines, Ontario
Turbine Exhaust Valve, Olson Technologies, Bethlehem, PA.
ID & FD Fans, Novenco Canada, Cambridge, Ontario
Pulverizers Gear Boxes, Dominion Engineering, Lachine, Quebec
Booster & Stand-By Pumps, Ingersoll Rand, Phillipsburg, PA.
Level Gauges, Peacock Inc., Toronto, Ontario
Power Transformers, Transelectrix Technologies, Guelph, Ontario
High Pressure Control Valves, Fisher Controls, Woodstock, Ontario
Net Work 90 Process Controller, Bailey Controls, Burlington, Ontario
25 MVA Mobile Transformer, Moloney Electric, Toronto, Ontario
Lattice Steel Transmission Towers, Qualimetal Inc., Quebec, PQ

Battle River Generating Station, Unit # 4 Upgrade 150 MVA Steam Turbine Upgrade, GE Power Systems, Bangor, Maine, USA
2 x 15 MVA Transformers, ABB, Guelph, Ontario

Nova Scotia Power Corporation

Various Sub-Stations
15 MVA Transformer, Ferranti-Packard, St. Catharines, Ontario
15 MVA Transformer, ABB, Guelph, Ontario
8 MVA Transformer, ABB, Guelph, Ontario

Manitoba Hydro:

Various Transmission Line Projects in Manitoba
Dorsey, Oxford, God's Lake Narrow, Kelsey
Lattice and Tubular HSS Steel Towers, Fabrimet Inc. and Qualimetal Inc., Quebec

Saskatchewan Power Corporation

Poplar River Generating Station, Unit # 2 Upgrade
ID Fans 2600 HP Electric Motors, Reliance Electric, Stratford, Ontario

ATCO Power, Calgary Alberta

Muskeg River Oil Sands Project Co-Generation Project:
Raw water Treatment Plant Zenon environmental, Burlington, Ontario
Transformers, Federal Pioneer, Granby, Quebec
9 Cell Switch Gear Alstom Transmission, St. Leonard, Quebec
Heat Recovery Steam Generator Ducting Deltak / Pro-Fab, Cambridge, Ontario
Low Voltage Switch Gear Cutler Hammer, Malton, Ontario
Raw Water Heaters ( heat exchangers) Koch Engineering, Concord, Ontario

Pulp & Paper:

Kimberly Clark Forest Products

Terrace Bay, Ontario Mill
Boiler Economizer, Tubes, Headers, Piping - Babcock & Wilcox, Cambridge, Ontario
Top Felt Equipment, Paper Machine # 3 - Black Clawson -Kennedy, Owen Sound, Ontario
20 Ton Overhead Crane - Lift Tech Inc., Muskegon, Illinois, USA
Main Boiler Side, Rear, Front Wall Panels - Babcock & Wilcox, Cambridge, Ontario
36" Steam Line Header - Babcock & Wilcox, Cambridge, Ontario
Bleached & Brown Stock Storage and Steel Galleries - T.S Manufacturing, Lindsey, Ontario
1275 HP Steam Turbine (boiler feed water pump) - Westinghouse Canada Inc., Hamilton, Ontario
Absorption Water Chillers - Trane Corporation, Lacrosse, Wisconsin, USA
High Pressure Control Valves - Velan Valves, Burlington, Vermont, USA
Motor Speed Drive Controllers - Relcon, Inc., Mississauga, Ontario
17 KV, 3000 AMPS Switch Gear - Markham Electric, Markham, Ontario
Hydraulic Truck Dumper & Chip Stocker Reclaimer - BMH Canada, Point Claire, Quebec
Curved 54" Belt Conveyer - Continental Conveyers, Thetford Mines, Quebec
Coru-Deck III Washers, - Beloit Canada, Sherbrook, Quebec
Motor Starter - Allen Bradley, Cambridge, Ontario
Tertiary Surface Condenser - TACO Inc., Fall River, MA, USA
Unit # 2 Recovery Boiler Lower Wall Panels - Babcock & Wilcox, Cambridge, Ontario
Qty.11 Batch Digesters (pressure vessels) - Beaird Industries, Shreveport, LA, USA
Low Temperature Superheater, 1st. unit - Babcock & Wilcox, Melville, Saskatchewan
Low Temperature Superheater, 2nd. unit - Babcock & Wilcox, Cambridge, Ontario
Recovery Boiler # 2 and 3 Wall Panels - Babcock & Wilcox, Cambridge, Ontario
Press Rolls, - GL&V Manufacturing, Troise Riviere, Quebec
15 KV Generator Breaker - Markham Electric, Markham, Ontario
ID & FD Fans Motor Controller (switchgear) -Allen Bradley, Cambridge, Ontario
Process Pumps - Sulzer Pumps, Karhula, Finland
Steam Heaters, - Valmet ( Metsu Paper ), Sundsvall, Sweden
Primary & Secondary Screens - Beloit Corporation, Nashua, New Hampshire, USA
Knotters, - NOSS, Sweden
Oxygen Reactor Equipment, pressure vessels -Ellett Industries Inc., Port Coquitlam, B.C. and associated line equipment

MacMillan Bloedel Limited

Powell River & Port Alberni Mills
9 Steam Heaters - Olympic International, Brampton, Ontario
5 Aero propeller Fans - Canadian Blower / Canada Fans, Kitchener, Ontario
2 x 120 HP Brine Electric Motors - Westinghouse Canada Inc., Hamilton, Ontario
9 x Vacuum Pumps, - Nash Engineering Company, Burlington, Ontario
25 x Process Pumps -Sulzer -Bingham Pumps, Cambridge, Ontario

H.A.Simoms Ltd. (consultants)

Finley Forest Industries, British Columbia Forest Products,
Blanden Paper Company

Type "D" Field Installed Boiler - Babcock & Wilcox, Cambridge, Ontario
8 and 6 MVA Power Transformers - Ferranti Packard, St. Catharines, Ontario
Gear Boxes and Gear Reducers - Hamilton Gears, Toronto, Ontario
Washers & Mixers, - Black Clawson -Kennedy, Owen Sound, Ontario
Effluent Water Handling System - Walker Corporation, Aurora, Illinois
Various Pulp & Paper Machinery - Sprout Bauer, Muncy, PA.
Heat Exchangers - ITT Guelph, Ontario


Royal Oak Mines Limited. Kamloops, B.C.

230 KX Transmission Line Steel Towers
1400 Tubular HSS section steel towers and footing Qualimetal Inc., Charlesbourg, & Fabrimat Inc., PQ.

Suncor Steep Bank Mines,
Fort McMurray, Alberta

30 MVA Power Transformer Ferranti Packard, St. Catharines, Ontario

Sub-Contracted Miscellaneous Contracts:
Soros Sports Complex, Katonah, NY, USA
Arched Steel Trusses, Durose Manufacturing Guelph, Ontario

Stelco Steel Mill, Hamilton Ontario
Pulverized Coal Injection System
Canron Eastern Division
Building Beams, Columns, Platforms
Misc. Structural Steel Site Welding Inspection

GWIL Industries, Winfield, BC.
Winfield Chemical Plant Expansion, B.C.
Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks Meridian / Clemmer Industries, Waterloo, Ontario
Ashland / Drew Chemicals. Ajax Plant Pressure Vessel

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